Meet the team

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Arturo E. Lopez

Lead Pastor

In 2009 Pr. Lopez gave his life to Christ. Since then he has not stopped learning and serving God in many different capacities.  He has been serving in full-time ministry for five years now. Enjoys spending time with his wife, Gebby, and his two beagles, Max and Mila. He's a bookworm who loves to learn better ways to lead and serve and whenever possible enjoys playing the beautiful game of golf with friends. 

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Barry Goldsmith

Head Elder

Carlos Estrada

Bible Worker (Soledad Group)

Carlos is currently working with the group meeting at Liberty Chapel Community Church. The group started with 2 members, Carlos and his wife, back in November 2018. Currently it has grown to 30 members and continues to remain healthy and growing. 

Elizabeth Gabriel
Lois Prola
Michele Scheuermann

Church Treasurer