Meet the team

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Arturo E. Lopez

Lead Pastor

(831) 275-1444

In 2009 Pr. Lopez gave his life to Christ. Since then he has not stopped learning and serving God in many different capacities.  He has been serving in full-time ministry for five years now. Enjoys spending time with his wife, Gebby, and his two beagles, Max and Mila. He's a bookworm who loves to learn better ways to lead and serve and whenever possible enjoys playing the beautiful game of golf with friends. 

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Barry Goldsmith

Head Elder

Carlos Estrada

Bible Worker (Soledad Group)

Carlos is currently working with the group meeting at Liberty Chapel Community Church. The group started with 2 members, Carlos and his wife, back in November 2018. Currently it has grown to 30 members and continues to remain healthy and growing. 

Elizabeth Gabriel
Lois Prola
Michele Scheuermann

Church Treasurer